Swann smart home security camera , Indoor Outdoor Wired PIR Bullet 4k Surveillance Cam

Swann goes above and beyond the typical home security device to provide much more powerful options for average users and those with more sophisticated home security needs Swann backs everything up with a mind on innovation and also the features to make it your good  investment, even though its products will be in the mid to high-end range.

Swann provided an NVR as well as one of the latest PRO-888MSD 4K Thermal Sensor Surveillance Cameras. We wanted to obtain a complete picture of all a Swann device had to offer because this is such a large company. We knew we were getting a solid, well made product because Swann has a long and rich history in the home security market

However, we are aware that Swann cameras are not inexpensive, particularly if you are seeking for larger systems to monitor a whole home. Is it worthwhile to invest in a Swann system? Will it meet up to our expectations? Starting right now, we’ll answer those and other questions.

Swann 4k Advantages:

  • Company with Long informative History
  • A Wide Range of Cameras
  • Models are available in wireless, wired, and wire-free configurations.
  • Heat and Motion Sensors with True Detection
  • Controls for your smartphone
  • Provide Free Local  storage
  • Items for Simple Setup

Swann 4k Disadvantages:

  • Cloud Storage Requires and Subscription

Unboxing :

We pleased  to discover that Swann’s package contains everything  will need set up, operate, and maintain the cameras right now. Which Nonetheless, due to its four-channel 1080p recorder with a 1 TB hard drive, our Swann system model number NVW-490, if case you’re interested has lots of alternatives for connecting to our home Wi-Fi.

unboxing materials

Also, we’d like to point out that our NVR has two additional channels that may be used to connect two additional Swann cameras to the system. Swann offers a variety of cameras in which we could put onto our system if we wanted to: floodlight cameras, spotlight cameras, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, and then even indoor nanny cameras.

Swann is clearly a wonderful choice if you want a brand with a lot of variety. What information do we really have for this? Here’s a quick rundown of as we review Swann cameras, as well as some other quick Swann factual data:

Swann’s Specifications:

  • Brand: swann
  • Connectivity : wired
  • Protocol : BNC
  • Resolution : crystal clear 4k
  • Zoom : 1080p powerful digital zoom
  • Swann Does work well ?

Swann’s cameras had a few flaws that we observed. Although its image quality is excellent, we noted that the camera often does not response to motion or heat in a timely manner. We moved at the front of the camera several times and it didn’t identify anything that for a few seconds. This seems tiny, but this could be a problem if you’ve had an intrusion and are looking for video of the criminal.

A few moments could mean the difference between detecting your thief or letting him get away. We also experienced trouble initiating the livestream, which resulted in loading screen until we reloaded the program. Everything worked perfectly in generally, and I was pleased well with system and also its notifications.

But let’s return to the installation. When we took the cameras out from the package, we noticed that they came with mounting screws and a drilled template, which indicated that installing our cameras would be rather simple – especially because we’ve gotten pretty good at drilling.

If you don’t want to drill holes in your walls, that’s fine; nevertheless, it’s possible that DIY camera systems are not just for you, and that it’s time to look it in to a professionally installed properly wired option. Another industry staple, ADT security systems, provides skilled installation and continual monitoring

Starting there is a good idea, and you can easily add extra cameras afterwards. We didn’t get the same lightning-fast simple installation experience with Swann as we did with Ring’s security cameras, which is to be expecting with video systems like this. With its multiple inputs and cords for us to plug in and get things up and running, the NVR just required extra legwork.

Bear in mind, however, that installing even for the best outside cameras is typically more difficult than installing indoor cameras, specially if power adapters, network cables, or other connections are involved. Though that’s not to suggest it was a difficult task; with in case of multi-camera systems like this, we’d put the installation process in the “simple” category.

And then there’s that black box… Since you’re not aware with network video recorders, they’re commonly found with security cameras, and Swann offers a number of bundles that contain them. By essence, an NVR stores and organizes videos that the camera processes to use its own built-in chipset. We connected directly our NVR to our TV, just like we used to do with VCRs.

It allowed us to sift through footage and stream our cameras We were also enabled to connecting the box to our TV through Ethernet to stabilise our connection, owing to the Ethernet cable included within the box.

Swann 4k Indoor Outdoor Surveillance Cam


Setting up

Our first step was to set up our Swann cameras using their corresponding software, Always Safe, and fully grasp how they would operate in our house on a day-to-day basis. This seems to be where you would control your cameras’ motion detection, define motion areas, schedule recordings and alerts, or more if you like Swann.

We took a quick look around before synchronizing our cams to the app when it was installed. We noticed  to tell right away that the interface of this app was quite basic. We discovered that this is due to the camera’s restricted capabilities. For example, it lacks person detection driven by artificial intelligence  which is a great feature seen in the Ring, Arlo, and maybe even Amcrest camera line ups.

On the other hand, it gave us a lot of options for customizing our cameras. Swann’s camera, for example, can provide 1080p image resolution, but we may decrease it to fluent, generally around 720p, as reduce the impact on our house Wi-Fi. Because our Wi-Fi service was not always reliable, it has always come in handy for us.

It’s something to keep in mind, specially if your Wi-Fi connection isn’t particularly fast.

We had several possibilities for finishing our setup. We could either use the QR codes on the back of the cameras to synchronize them to the app, or we could enter our UID, which would be a number we discovered while we looked up our cameras’ display on our TV while installing the NVR.

For a little while, this confused us. It’s worth noting that in order for these cameras to work on our smartphones, we had to provide the app access to not only our photo library, but also our phone’s camera.

To do so, we logged into our phone ‘s options and gave our Swann app camera capabilities. This is simple to do, however if you would not want the app to have access for your camera in the future, you should disable it.

After your cameras have been linked to the app, you should simply turn off that setting. However, we should point you that Wi-Fi cams are all very much the same in this regard: You must allow the cameras to communicate with your network, and then in order to use it, they must have access to a few of your phone’s capabilities that you may consider personal, such as your location and images.

If this is a problem for you, consider going with a wired system that is monitored by a professional.

That’s one of the simplest security systems we’ve ever set up. This all depends on the individual and, of course, financial constraints. We had such a wonderful, clear 1080p display on both our smartphone and our TV after our cameras and NVR were fully synchronized.

Swann Camera information’s:

Swann’s camera may be used both inside and outside, however we choose to utilize it inside. Those who want to use it outdoors can do so because it has an IP rating of 66, which means it’s completely solids-proof and also can endure even powerful water sprays.

Just don’t put it in the water! We’ve moved on. In terms of video, we were pleased with the Swann camera; it features 1080p HD, which would be the modern industry standards and it provided a really good image, as shown below.

With a field of vision of slightly over 100 degrees, it didn’t cover as much ground as we had intended. We also were surprised that the camera did not zoom in at all, which would have been helpful in the event of an intruder. Should at the least, the camera’s infrared LED sensors allowed to see well at night! Clearly, storage is provided by the one TB hard drive.

 which we give more details .  Because the camera has a hard drive, it can capture footage even if there is no Wi-Fi available; this came in handy for us because our Wi-Fi may be intermittent at times.

Cloud storage, on the other hand, was severely lacking. Just stills were automatically uploaded to Dropbox, not videos. To increase redundancy, to ended up transferring our video from the hard drive to personal cloud storage just in case the hard disk failed.

Hard Drive

Our cameras’ footage was saved locally on the hard drive. We like to back up our film with both local and cloud storage,

and transferring the local data to our personal cloud networks proved time-consuming. Bear in mind that one TB of storage holds approximately 500 hours of film so we preferred to transfer the files on a regular basis, despite the fact that it was a pain.

Swann 4k Indoor Outdoor Surveillance Cam


Voice and commands

Swann, as previously stated, integrates with Google Assistant, however the action is a little hard to discover; it’s under Home Secure View by Swann Communications.   We were able to have Google Assistant display us our security footage on our Nest Hubs using only our voices, and it was quite convenient.

Unfortunately, this integration came to a stop there, so generally, we’d call it a success. Swann also doesn’t operate with Alexa, a most popular smart speaker on the market today, which is a disappointment.

App security

We faced some major troubles with livestreaming footage on the SwannView Link app, as we indicated earlier. It’s a little buggy, and we didn’t always seem to get timely warnings from motion events.

Other Swann consumers appeared to agree with me; this app has a 1.9 star rating on the Apple store and yet a solid 3.5 in the Android store , Swann could be a good fit for Android users than the iOS app.

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When it came to customer service at Swann, we had a few different alternatives. We may use their online support center to look up anything from product manuals to frequently asked questions. To contact with customer service directly, we might connect them live chat, email, or a toll-free phone number so live support available for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fact that their customer service line is constantly open impresses us.

 Many security firms do not operate in this manner. Phone assistance was fast and informative when we had difficulty livestreaming videos on the app, so we’re happy with their customer service generally.

Is Swann surveillance  cameras easy to install ? Swann cameras are developed for do-it-yourselfers, so they don’t require extensive setup. Swann’s outside cameras may require some basic craftsmanship, like as climbing a ladder by using a drill, but we find the cameras to be simple .

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Swann Home Security Camera, Indoor Outdoor Wired PIR Bullet 4k Surveillance Cam