professional drone DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo Drone Review


For some people, controlling drones may be overwhelming, but DJI can do it easily with Air 2S. It has many advanced features that can take drone content creation to a new level. I am very excited about these shots and the shots I am shooting. With Air 2S, I look forward to exploring more in the near future. The improved sensor in this amazing device eliminated my concerns about losing the drone in a collision.

DJI Air 2S is an extraordinary drone with features that both beginners and professionals will love. Air 2S, known as Mavic, is the latest version, equipped with a sharp 1-inch camera sensor that can record up to 5.4K HD video, and render 4K at 60 frames per second for smooth recording. The camera captures more details and improves low-light performance, supports HDR and 10-bit DlogM color profiles, has an advanced video transmission system, and provides clear, real-time streaming media with relatively low latency. In short, the camera has taken a higher level in the professional consumer market, making Air 2S a good bridge for DJI’s professional drones .

DJI is working hard to make their drones smarter to avoid obstacles, and they have done some great things on Air 2S. By adding sensors to avoid obstacles, you can now see upwards, downwards, forwards, and backwards. It works better, it works very, very well. This is the key to the obvious reasons for the durability of the drone, but what DJI does with the sensor is what makes this kit great. When watching live video through the DJI Fly App, you can quickly draw a frame around the object with your fingers. It can be cars, motorcycles, people, animals, I don’t know what else, but it closes quickly, and it can also be configured to follow in parallel.

I tried to get him to follow me on the road, but when I turned into the forest, it was really impressive. There were branches everywhere, but he managed to get around them without catching or touching them. Sometimes I have to stop and wait, but to be honest, I was behind a lot of branches and he came out after a short time. I also asked him to follow me on the road. It looks like what kind of shots you can take by yourself. Very cool .

There is also a new feature called Mastershots that allows you to select your subject and then adjust the drone to some pre-programmed flight modes to easily take professional-quality photos.

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If you follow this version, you will know that it has a larger image sensor (which means it absorbs more light) and can record at 5K (although 24fps). Image Quality. This allows more light and less noise in the image. It also records 4K video at 60 fps, which is the best in my opinion. You can get a smoother picture at a lower resolution, but I am very satisfied with 4K60FPS.

There are many other options for photos and videos. I usually don’t adjust the photo settings (I use automatic settings) because I am not a professional, but sometimes I feel uneasy about the different frame rates in the video. I am very happy to have a drone, which is obstacle avoidance. Back, front, and down (up in some way) are sensors that detect incoming objects and stop the drone. Although you should always keep sight of the drone, sometimes it is too far and difficult to see .

The controller will even beep and illuminate the screen with orange bars, depending on which side of the obstacle it detects. This is something that is difficult to test because I was worried that it might not work, but I tried a big tree and it stopped completely. I don’t know if it recognizes a small branch. But you can feel good, if you say you will miss it, it will not crash into the building. Or in large structures.

Video Quality

The quality of photos and videos is top-notch. We took a few pictures of the farm and some videos, and they were great even in cloudy weather. The information is correct. we an amateur traveler, so although i do this for fun flying drones .

Basically, it’s about editing drone images on the go. When your drone is in the air, press a button that looks like a movie (above the record button) and it will show some panoramic options etc.

It contains the main lens. Mastershots allows you to focus on an object (person or vehicle), you can choose something like far or middle and choose the shot you want (rocket is my favorite), the drone will fly by itself and take a small segment , And then you select some pre-selected templates and use them to create a small montage with sound.

Quick to Fly

 One thing that can be daunting in flight with a drone is the time it takes to get it into the air. After the initial setup, it flew very fast, thanks in part to a well-designed controller. The controller uses your smartphone as a display, and your phone simply snaps into place through the spring bracket inside the controller. There is also a cable under the stand, which can be easily connected to your smartphone. Take the drone and remove the gimbal shield, turn on the controller and drone, check before the flight

31 minutes battery performance: This is a long period of time for a drone to be in the air. It gives you peace of mind that you will still be able to grab your shot without having to hustle or worry about your drone running out of batteries before you can get exactly the shot you want.

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Easy to use and Flying Experience

Normal, cinematic, and sport are the three options that can be selected via a switch on the controller’s face. Normal situations are exactly that. Cinematic mode slows the drone down (thus the cinematic views), while sport mode speeds it up.

I got the drone to reach 40 miles per hour, which is pretty fast in my perspective (relatively speaking). However, keep in mind that when flying sport, the obstacle avoidance sensors are turned off, so be cautious! Flying is a breeze, both in terms of experience and ease of use.

I recommend watching the device’s instruction, but even if you don’t, simply flying it to familiarize yourself with the controls will provide you with the necessary experience. Flying a drone is a lot of fun, and the DJI controller is really easy to use and comprehend. Flying one is just plain enjoyable. My only little complaint is that while my drone was stationary in the air, it would not turn left or right.

I think it was because I had the FPS setting enabled (which causes the camera to “bank” with the drone as it flies). However, there were moments when it just would not move, and I had to gain altitude to get it moving again.



The DJI Air 2S Fly More combo is hard to suggest if you are looking for a video drone. It is easy to fly for people of all skill levels, with excellent obstacle avoidance, long range, subject tracking, a high-resolution camera, simple editing and publishing capabilities, and a slew of optional parts to keep you flying for hours.

It is easy to use, has a lot of useful features, including a variety of functions that are not overwhelming for new users, and it shoots great photographs and movies.

In my opinion, the fly more kit is a must-have, as it includes nearly every item you will likely require. so we highly, highly recommend DJI Air 2S Fly More Combo  drone.

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