Newest HP Envy 17 have excellent gaming Laptop

The Hp Envy 17 Laptop is a decent quality laptop. No problem with its bulk and its build quality . No detect any  issues , although you spend most of your time at the desk using this laptop. Typing on this laptop is relatively comfortable, It has a great  display and fast enough performance, as well as connectivity option Works perfect.

What’s difference between Hp Envy and Hp pavilion ?

A comparison between these two laptops shows that The Envy has a better processor, longer battery life , Has great graphics cards, especially for university and college students, this laptop is perfect for video content creators. The Pavilion on the other hand is cheap in price, suitable for any small project. Also

The Pavilion has quality features, but overall, both Hp Brand laptops are good. It will depend on which project you are in Want to use.

Lets get started todays discussion about HP Envy 17 !

Are you coming to a conclusion? Isn’t it particularly cheap, or not as fast as other laptops? Or in a special way Light or anything else? But the HP Envy 17 will be a stylish, workhorse laptop for everyday work. With this laptop Easily manage the required work software, students can easily perform academic studies, research and perform necessary projects.

The HP Envy 17 is going to be a great user friendly laptop for those who work with video content or blogging. Not to mention that in particular! It has a large 16-inch screen with some extra productivity capabilities for remote work or for school, college. Increases. If you ended up spending a budget for an Nvidia GeForce processor, this doesn’t apply to laptops. Because Nvidia GeForce  MX330  corresponds. Considering all the aspects, the HP Envy 17 is a good laptop within your budget.

hp envy 17t laptop
hp envy 17t laptop

The most interesting aspect of The Envy 17 is its 16.3 inch LED backlit display, it has full HD 1920 x 1080 screen as well as multi touch enabled. Beautiful to look at, there is nothing inconsistent on the screen when your eyes are a few feet away from a comfortable angle to see something. Live.

Therefore, for all users who deserve high resolution for the big screen of this laptop. It has been upgraded to a higher-dynamic range (HDR) color or OLED technology, so it is still highly recommended for personal laptop users. If you are looking for a laptop that will help with remote work, study and video meetings with zoom then this 16 inch model laptop will be more effective for you.

HP Envy 17t Touch


HP Pavilion 15.6


Much As i’d like to see a USB-C port (or 12), this is very normal for laptops in this range. It includes a good range of interfaces, featuring HDMI and three USB-A ports, as well as an SD card slot. The touchpad and keyboard are very pleasant to use, and there’s a dedicated fingerprint sensor located between the right alt key and the left arrow.

Although I would prefer a USB-C port (or 12), this is standard for laptops in this budget point. It comes with HDMI, three USB-A ports, and an SD card slot, as well as a good range of connections. The touchpad and keyboard are both very comfortable for using, and between the right alt key and the left arrow would be a specialized fingerprint sensor.

It has a 4K screen that is very shiny; good on bright screens having white backgrounds, but problematic on dark screens, such as while watching dramatic movies and shows in low light. The Envy gets higher performance out of the same chipset than the LG Gram 17,  battery life has been pretty well .  On our streaming video test, though, it lasted a respectable 7.5 hours.

However , If you’re looking for a 17-inch laptop, you couldn’t do much worse than the HP Envy 17 .