DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone Quadcopter 2.7K Camera and pric Review


It’s simple to fly and a great way to start for Dji Drone for Beginner’s! DJI produces high-quality products with simple software and controls. We definitely recommend this drone to anyone who is interested in drones or who already owns a DJI Mavic drone and wants a smaller companion drone. From such a little package, 12 MP photos and 2.7K recordings are incredible.

DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone Quadcopter 2.7K Camera


  • Lightweight and compact.
    Flying is a breeze
  • Mode switching enables very cinematic shots while also regaining performance for shots that require a faster frame rate.
  • The DJI Fly app is easy to use and offers a wealth of information.
  • It’s easier to perform maneuvers in places 
  •  video performance is excellent.


We may confidently tell that after owning this drone for 7 months and flying it dozens of times, DJI Mavic is a great product that performs just as advertised. It captures incredible photos and movies, is simple to set up and operate, and performs admirably on every journey. Our sole recommendation is to avoid flying on windy days. It can’t withstand gusts of more than 20 mph because it’s so little and light.

DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone Quadcopter 2.7K Camera

This drone will not let you down if you’re careful and only fly when the weather is suitable. Wind speed increases with altitude, as a word of caution. Check the wind speed at the height you’re flying – 100 feet, 200 feet, and so on. This is where UAV Forecast comes in handy. In addition, the drone has a good range.

Mostly in suburbs, We get around 1,500 feet of range, and in rural regions, We got slightly more than a mile. Signal interruptions happen from time to time, although they’re uncommon and have little impact on the flight. If the signal is fully lost (as it was for me), the drone will return to the point from which it took off.

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Good Battery life:

Battery life is good consistently get about 25 Minute Flight Time with Samsung 128GB MicroSDXC 100MB/s Memory Card and Adapter.

No collision avoidance detection:

This drone is ideal for first-time flyers, with auto take-off and landing and four Quickshot modes. The majority of prop damage happens during takeoff and landing. Both activities are made easier with the DJI Fly App. When you press and hold the take-ff button on the left side of the app screen for 2 seconds, a centered circle appears, and the drone takes off.

At 6 feet, Its quite safe. To land the drone, use the same steps. RETURN TO HOME was only used once to ensure correctness. RTH will return the drone to the take-off location within 3 feet of the launch point – 1 foot during my test. Set the altitude of your return to home to be higher than the tallest thing around. When you pick Return to HOME, the drone will fly to that altitude and then return to you.

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Because there is no collision avoidance, it’s crucial to adjust the return home altitude to prevent hitting anything. Only four Quickshot modes are available. Choose from a variety of elevations or distances in each mode, then press the button.

Video Quality

Via fast shoots, video capturing is incredibly smooth. The only video formats available are 2.7K and HD. The video is of excellent quality. When managing flight and camera at the same time, you can slow down the camera movement to avoid jerky motions. Even in conditions of 12-14 mph, flight is quite stable. The camera is always stabilized by the gimbal.

The DJI Fly app provides a lot of cool features. You can look at a street map or a satellite map that shows my exact location on the baseball field, courtesy of Google. I felt at ease flying my drone right away as a first-time owner. We recently flew a DJI Phantom 3 for a friend. The Mavic Mini is a lot easier to use.

Collision avoidance detection is not available on the Mavic Mini Drone. It’s an excellent “learn to fly” drone at this pricing.


Howerver This is an incredible aerial platform; it’s a lot of fun to fly, and the small size allows for some unusual perspectives that would be more difficult or unsafe to achieve with a larger aircraft. Because of the lack of RAW, I choose to shoot video over stills, but this is likely impractical for most professional pictures.

Still under 250 grams isn’t a big thing to me because I don’t mind registering my aircraft and am working on getting my commercial license, but the compact size makes it highly portable,

and the drone you have with you is more likely to get flown than the one you leave at home.

I’ve definitely recommended it to people I know who are looking for a market  beginner-friendly aerial photography platform.

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