DJI FPV Combo First Person View Drone UAV Quadcopter in usa review



If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly around like a bird, you no longer have to. That was made possible by the DJI FPV Combo drone, and let me tell you, it is a genuinely amazing experience.

I’ve always been a drone enthusiast who enjoys flying them around, but I’ve never had the chance to fly one like this, and I can’t begin to express how incredible it was to soar to new heights.

With the DJI FPV Combo and goggles, you can see what your drone’s camera catches and see anything from a bird’s eye view. DJI has done it once more! FPV drones are becoming increasingly popular, and DJI has seized the opportunity to develop their own version.

Flying this drone has been a great experience so far for someone who has never flown FPV before. Some of the characteristics of this FPV drone include a long flight duration (for an FPV drone) and amazing photos and movies. This drone may not be suitable for all FPV enthusiasts, but if you’ve ever wanted to get your feet wet in this pastime, this drone is a great place to start.

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Unboxing and Setup

The DJI FPV Combo comes with everything you’ll need for an out-of-this-world adventure. The FPV drone, DJI Goggles, and DJI remote control are all included in the package. Extra propellers and controller sticks are included, as well as charging cords, a charging brick, and a USB connector for connecting to your phone or computer.

Best Dji Drone Deal DJI FPV Combo

The setup procedure is easy. You should first download the DJIFLY app before you can begin the setup process. You will be guided through the setup and activation step via the app. THE DRONE WILL NOT FLY IF THE ACTIVATION PROCESS IS NOT COMPLETED. You’re ready to fly once the setup, installation, and activation processes are completed.

DJI FPV Combo : Features

The drone has numerous features that will assist you in getting into FPV and maximizing your FPV experience. Getting into FPV can be costly because most people buy all of the components and then build their own drones. This pastime also requires understanding of radio receivers/controllers, soldering, and securely charging LiPo batteries, among other things.

DJI has made it easy to get into this activity by cutting out the middlemen and delivering everything you need to get started with FPV flying. There are three flight modes available with this drone. We recommend that everyone begin in N mode. This mode includes all of the standard drone flight controls. The speed is limited, and obstacle avoidance is enabled.

obstacle avoidance

The drone have total obstacle avoidance; the googles will alert you if something is approaching the drone, but the drone will not prevent you from colliding with a tree. S mode gives you more freedom and a more immersive FPV experience. The drone is much faster in this mode, and obstacle avoidance is disabled. M stands for manual mode.

For your safety, this feature is turned off by default. To activate this mode, you’ll need to fiddle with a few settings. The drone is much quicker in this mode, with a top speed of 87 mph. When We initially turned on M mode, It was a little scared. I’m not used to flying a drone by hand and had some difficulty controlling it for the most part.

However, We won’t crash the drone, which would have happened if the emergency brake button on the controller had not been activated. This button converted me into N mode and activated the brake and hover on the drone. Anyone who has flown drones manually before would have had an easier time in this mode.

DJI provides a unique flight app for practicing manual flying, but as of 03/2021, this app is only available for IOS users. I have an Android phone, so I’ll have to wait until the app is out before I can practice and improve my manual flying talents. There is currently no estimated release date for this app for Android devices.

The drone has an advanced Return-to-Home (RTH) feature that can be turned on using the controller. For the most part, this feature is fairly accurate. RTH nearly usually returns close to the take-off position, based on the several occasions I’ve tested this capability. When your drone’s battery is low or the signal is lost for more than a few seconds, these feature is automatically enabled.

The LED lights on the drone’s arms may be customized through the goggle’s settings, which not many people are aware of. When flying during the day, We suggest setting them off to save battery life.

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DJI FPV Combo : Design

In my opinion, the design is quite attractive. It looks like something from a sci-fi movie. You can move the DJI’s shell around. It comes with two shells of different colors (Clear black and a lime green color). In the place, putting on propellers is simple and quick.

What concerned me the most was that the Drone goggles wouldn’t fit over my glasses. However, DJI did an excellent job of designing it such that your glasses do not rub against your skull while wearing the goggles.

App Compatible

On the iPhone, the DJI app is a fantastic experience. We have not really got the opportunity to test it on Android, but the DJI app teaches you a lot about the FPV drone. The app is also one of the smoothest drone experiences I’ve ever had. It comes with everything you need to know about how to use it, from controls to a thorough tutorial.

You can also use the app to edit your videos on the fly while on the go. There’s a map to show you where you should fly your drone safely. The app was simple to use and contained useful information.


The DJI FPV drone comes with the DJI FPV Goggles V2 and a newly built controller. Both are beautifully constructed and designed. To turn on the Goggles, they must be linked to the tiny battery pack. The battery pack lasts a long time and should be enough for a few flights. Even at long distances, the goggles enable high-quality video transmission from the drone.

There is very little to no delay, resulting in seamless video throughout the flight. The DJI OcuSync 3.0 transmission mechanism is to responsible for this. There have been a few of controls on the goggles to help you navigate the settings. A back button, a shutter/record button, and a 5D button for scrolling through the menu. (You’ll need a microSD card for this) It’s a pleasure to use the new DJI controller.

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The layout of the buttons and overall look of the controller reminds me of a PS4 controller. The control sticks for the controller are kept on the inside of the handle. Some of the buttons can be changed in the goggle’s settings. The camera/record button, a switch that changes the gimble to three different positions, is located on the right side of the controller. Although this button could be customized, it is the default and the cruise control button in S mode.

The emergency brake button/RTH (hold button to initiate RTH), the flight mode switch, and a manual gimble adjustment dial are all located on the left side. A power button and a customizable button are located on the front of the device. This controller’s battery life is excellent; it has lasted me a couple of flights so far.

Video Quality:

With a built-in auto gimble, the FPV drone records video at 4K/60fps at up to 120 mbps and broadcasts crystal clear images to the goggles from a distance of up to 6 miles. The drone’s camera has an auto gimble built in, but it also has manual control via the remote. Both the drone and the Google include a micro SD slot for capturing and saving great images.


The FPV experience is very incredible. This FPV experience gives you a bird’s-eye view similar to what our friends in the skies have. Although many FPV enthusiasts may not consider this drone to be a real FPV drone, it does contain enough functionality to make the FPV experience as enjoyable as possible. In most cases, FPV involves a lot of manually flying.

Manual flying is tricky, and I’d love to be able to do flips and rolls with the drone one day. One of my favorite things to do with this drone was to push its speed to the limit. This drone is quick, and seeing it up close was a lot of fun.

DJI FPV Combo : Advantages

  • Various Flight Modes In our perspective,
  • In our perspective,
  • FPV through the Goggles Video Resolution: 4K
  • Long-distance image resolution
  • Exceptional Construction
  • The remote has a 9-hour battery life,


Overall, I am quite pleased while DJI FPV Combo. I’m glad I had the opportunity to try something new. It was incredible zipping about in the sky with the drone, simply hovering above the skyline and seeing an area I had never seen before. I wish that more people could have the opportunity to do so. I’ll have to get used to the more advanced controls, but once I do, I think I’ll have a lot of fun with this, especially taking film outside.

DJI has piqued my interest in drones much more than previously, and I’m now eager to learn more about them. It appears like everything that may go wrong with a rookie piloting a drone does not.

Everything on the DJI FPV just works since there are so many clever sensors and everything is neatly integrated. To be honest, I feel that this product will encourage more people to purchase drones of this grade. Easily a 5-star product. DJI FPV Combo should be pleased to have created something so user-friendly, and this should be their flagship product.

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