Best Dji Tello Drone Quadcopter Boost Combo with 3 Batteries Review

For any first-time drone operator, the dji tello drone is the greatest and cheapest rate it compatible for any  beginners “kit” drone for available. You can pick it up quickly, it’s simple to set up, and it has more “fun” easy features drone flips, and hand landing that make it stand out.

Furthermore, it is lightweight and still produces high-quality images, making it ideal for vlogging, video shoots, as well as more.

The Ryze Tello drone was this result of a collaboration among both DJI companies drone, a renowned consumer drone manufacturer, and Ryze, a Chinese start-up. It’s definitely aimed at newbies to the activity, Dji Tello Drone as it’s a simple, lightweight, and economical quadcopter. Despite its low price, it has an integrated nose-mounted camera that can take 5MP photos and broadcast 720p HD video.

You will get a reasonable-sounding 13 minutes of flight duration with fully charged battery, as well as stabilization sensors to keep it from drifting off into walls, shrubberies

Tello Drone Boost Combo : Design and setup

Dji Tello Drone body is constructed of durable plastic, and its four propeller arms are permanently attached. Removeable shields protect the propellers, and if the Tello is unable to continue flying after a collision, it rapidly shuts off its motors. Because the Tello does not come with a controller, most pilots will be using the app to fly it.

It can also be used with Bluetooth dual-stick controllers, such as those available on the PlayStation or Xbox. Thankfully, the app is well-designed and significantly simpler to use than most others that come with similar-priced planes.

Tello Drone Boost Combo: Features

In the correct conditions, the Tello is a remarkably stable and responsive flyer. Basically, but if there is any wind outside, it’s probably a horrible idea to put it in the air whatsoever, as Ryze admits to their credit. Because it lacks a Navigation  based return-to-home feature and is made of lightweight materials, it can easily be carried away by the slightest breeze.

The drone has a potential control range of 100m, a maximum height of 30m, and a maximum speed of 8m/s and can be flown with a Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone running the Tello software. The program has automated take-off and landing controls, as well as a gratifyingly responsive on-screen twin-stick configuration.

The Ryze Tello is a pleasant drone to fly, especially if you have some open space outside. It zips ahead at a fun clip and responds expertly to the on-screen controls, twisting and turning with remarkable grace in the air.

The 80g drone gets washed away by the smallest breeze on a windy day, and it also suffers to move against by the wind, so we would still not recommend flying it anywhere but dead quiet.

DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone Boost Combo


Video Quality

With its dual-antenna array, the Tello can send 720p video or 5MP images back to your smartphone from up to 330′ away.

Electronic image stabilization aids in the steadying of your images and movies. Short videos with circle, 360 degree, and up-up-and-away styling can be captured with synchronized flight maneuvers for a sense of professionalism.

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At the front of the Tello is a camera capable of streaming 720p video back to your smartphone and capturing 5-megapixel photos in flight. The intelligent flight processor can coordinate camera movements for some custom shooting angles.

Cinematic travel video || Dji Tello Drone ||

camera on the front of the Tello can transmit 720p video to your smartphone and take 5-megapixel images while in flight. The vision positioning system uses a downward-facing camera to enable stable hovering when needed, and the intelligent flight processor can combine camera motions for some specific filming angles.


Ryze claims a Wi-Fi range of up to 100 meters, but in actuality, you’ll probably never see it go close to that. The drone’s greatest range was closer to 30-40m, and its altitude was limited as well. Ryze claims it can achieve heights of 30m, but it appeared closer to 10m to us.

Although this range may seem limited, we believe it is adequate for a low-cost drone with a simple, forward-facing camera. You won’t have to use the Tello to capture vast aerial landscape images, but rather close-range selfies and groups shots.

Our honest Verdict

It’s a perfect drone for beginners among at a good price. The drone is equipped with intelligence, and the camera is adequate for the price. It’s a well-known brand that we’d recommend to a friend or coworker. It has survived being rained on and falling off a tree. The drone is still operational. This is an excellent beginner drone or for children. Personally, rather than I find flying a drone to be a lot of fun.


The Ryze Tech Tello Quadcopter Turbo Combo comes with 3 batteries either one or a three-battery charging hub, allowing you to shoot for longer periods of time. Once  full charge, each battery will provide up to 13 increase  minutes of flight time. The Tello drone’s small form size and sophisticated Intel processor allow it to execute thrilling aerial feats on the fly, all while being controlled by a smartphone. Get started with the free Tello app, which features straightforward controls for exciting fly

DJI Tello Quadcopter Drone Boost Combo