Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome Outdoor Best Security Camera

Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome it prefers to conceive of itself as a low budget of best 4k security brands. Because it started at 84.99 dollar . So As we studied and find more about Amcrest prohd 4k dome to we realized that they’re a massive organization that out in their two major ways: they’re not solely focused on cameras, and their goods extend far beyond home. This is really a technologically advanced company with a wide range of products that reach beyond even visual surveillance.

We additionally   found some products initially  we have not used  before in  home surveillence  security, that we ‘ll look over in a minute. First but, let’s begin with our Amcrest hands on review, in which we put these fairly cheap cams through our distinctive testing processes to see how they perform.

We got ourselves a pair of brand-new Amcrest cameras for this: a 4 Megapixel Wi-Fi Bullet Outdoor camera and the ProHD 1080p Pan -Tilt Wi-Fi Indoor camera, both of which are brand-new

Advantages: Amcrest ProHD

  • Cameras at an Affordable Price
  • Infrared Night Vision with Full HD Image Resolution
  • Wi-Fi cameras are simple to set up.
  • Self-monitoring or cloud storage options
  • Notifications through smartphone and email
  • Cameras, both wireless and wired
  • Storage Hubs for NVRs and DVRs
  • Several cameras have pan-tilt capabilities.
  • Many of the models are available in both black and white.

Disadvantages for : Amcrest ProHD

  • Third-Party Compatibility Is Limited
  • Several models have a lengthy setup process.
  • Cloud Storage Plans That Are Expensive
  • Several Apps for Various Cameras
  • Some models may not allow for two-way communication.


Selections. This is one of our favorite things about Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome,   There’s something for everyone here, and it doesn’t just end at home security. Indeed, home safety cameras are only a small aspect of Amcrest’s extensive product line. At Amcrest’s inventory, we spotted dash-cams, baby monitors, video doorbells Gps tracking, drones, hunting cameras, and even binoculars.

And, in addition to their seemingly endless range of items, the cameras really comes with a variety of options and functions, towards the point that we find all of it a bit overwhelming at times. As we unboxed our first camera, the 4-megapixel HD Outdoor Bullet camera, we kept it in mind.

That hardware appeared to be strong and quite well design at first glance, and the fact that it includes dual plug-in and Ethernet (PoE) connectors is a nice perk. It also has an IP67 weather rating2, so we didn’t have to think about leaving our camera outside in the rain or snow. And, as residents of Ohio, we are well aware that “the elements” are on their way. We’d previously installed bullet style cameras like this, so we knew what to expect.

Most of the industry ‘s best outdoor cameras are built this way, so we had no trouble fastening the base again to the the wall with our simple drills.

We went from bullet style to dome, and from outside to within, when unboxing our other Amcrest, the 1080p Wi-Fi Pan-Tilt camera. We discovered a sleek, circular, and modern-looking camera inside the box.

It reminds me of an extremely amazing 8-ball. It also made a good first impressions on us grownups when we discovered how wonderful it looked in our house. Easy, comfortable, and attractive, yet with a sturdy build that suggested we’d have this camera for a long period of time.

overall   We enjoy how our white outdoor cam mixes in with our porch trim, which is little weathered and less white. Also, because it has a wide angle lens, Amcrest refers to that as an incredibly wide angle lens While we’re not sure what makes it so special, we didn’t have any trouble finding one.

Our porch would be effectively covered if we could find an angle that would allow us to do so. It just all came together quite quickly, that made us happy, although we realized our work wasn’t done yet; we needed to install another camera.

We simply  placed directly the camera onto our office shelves, unwrapped the power wire, and plugged it into our wall because we knew this interior camera would not have to be mounted or nailed down to a surface.

Set up Amcrest Camera:

While unpacking our two Amcrest cameras, we discovered another significant point: They produce so many wireless devices that they require more than one smartphone app to keep track of everything. Therefore we required two apps: one for the indoor camera and one for the outdoor camera: the Amcrest View Pro app for the indoor camera and the Amcrest Smart Home app for the outside camera. It’s not the best approach to manage a home with a slew of security cameras.

to be accurate; however it’s also not a significant issue. The simplest method to avoid that, in our opinion, is to get additional cameras of the same type, along with a recorder or intelligent hub, and operate the overall system with one of the three Amcrest applications. That method, you’ll be able to see right away that you’ll only need one app.

The QR code on Amcrest’s unit was neatly accessible on a sticker at the bottom. We scanned it into our smartphone, which prompted us to create an Amcrest account, connect to our Wi-Fi network, and even give the camera its own password. This isn’t a time-consuming procedure; it took us no more than 10 minutes.

However, bear in mind that you’ll want to be extremely cautious while entering all of those passwords; getting them wrong may cause you to lose time and force you to go backwards. We were able to see our device dashboard shortly after that, in which we would manually record video, take photos, and see spectacular preview in full screen format bright as day in 1080p.

The great news is that both cams were simple to set up, although with two apps to contend with. And it wasn’t all clear sailing after that. As we continue to get to know about Amcrest proHD 4k Dome

Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome Camera


Swann 4k Indoor Outdoor Surveillance Cam


Amcerest outdoor experience

We liked being able to set alerts, select regions zones in our view to focused on, and change motion sensitivity through the applications on both cameras. It seems, we realize that as more information we can collect from our cameras, the better opportunity we have of apprehending package thieves and ultimately protecting our property from attackers.

However the two Amcrest cameras we recently installed are considerably varied from one another  and not only in terms of color  they do share a number of functions via the Amcrest app.

Video Resolution

We were particularly interested in seeing our outdoor camera in action, in addition to its basic security capabilities. We were especially excited to test how well the promised 4 megapixel resolution, sometimes known as 2K resolution, performed.

Both 4k resolution day/ night videos

It was night time, so it was a little fuzzy. Also it’s worth noting that we’d setup the camera to standard definition SD rather than HD, mostly and save bandwidth on the internet.

However, because to Amcrest’s infrared night vision we were still able to get a great shot even on the lowest level.

The next day, we thought it would be a good idea to check any notifications we’d received the night before, which is simple to accomplish thanks to the timeline scrolling from across top of our pic:

Motion zone

We’ve worked evaluating security cameras for a long time, and nowadays, almost every camera has some kind of motion zoning functionality.  

would color in zones on our display wherever we want the camera to identify activity and filter others out using Amcrest’s custom zone feature. This seems to be especially useful if the camera is pointed at a busy street;

We don’t want to be constantly reminded of innocuous things like headlights or road noise. It’s excellent for customisation, but in our experience, adjusting our regions didn’t totally cure the headlight problem. When ever a headlight beamed onto our porch, we continued to get bogus messages. It’s something to think about.

Motion Tracking

We thought that automated motion tracking was missing from this well-made, high quality pan-tilt cameras.

control Your Mobile app

This feature, in which the camera records motion and following it automatically, is present in other Amcrest devices but not in this one.

Whether automated motion tracking is important to your, a camera with powerful features is a good option . Google Nest IQ cameras were known as being one of the few cameras with auto-tracking, but they’ll set you back far more than our Amcrest ProHD.

Video strorage:

We received the feeling from Amcrest’s cloud storage plans that, although this brand may be inexpensive in terms of equipment, its storage and monitoring plans don’t exactly reflect that. Despite the fact that other brands pay between $3 and $6 per month for basic service, Amcrest continues to charge $6 per month to keep 7 days of video history.

Also, keep in mind that the pricing is for a single camera. Fortunately, you do not need to purchase one of the cloud subscription options listed below to use Amcrest cameras. Our cameras both had the option of using a microSD card for local storage. However, we might have acquired our own NVR or DVR for video storage.

With Amcrest, this is all about the options, and we’re happy with that! Here’s a rundown of Amcrest’s cloud recording services, with a one-year free trial of basic cloud storage included. We’re not sure how long that deal will be available, but we’re delighted we took advantage about it this time.

Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome Camera


Swann 4k Indoor Outdoor Surveillance Cam


Our honest verdict

Overall, we were happy with the video quality and motion detection provided by Amcrest. We liked them for how they were: practical, well-made cameras, after learning to utilize and fiddle with their various settings on two different applications. We liked able to adjust  video resolution to save bandwidth.

a tremendous assistance for homeowners with ordinary Wi-Fi, and we believe Amcrest’s extensive choices will be beneficial to a wide range of people.

Amcrest needs to enhance their network and upload speeds, as well as streamline their apps so that consumers like us wouldn’t have to download two apps for the same brand. If the thought of switching apps annoys you,

You might like to consider Ring, Arlo, or Nest instead of Amcrest. However, we were generally pleased with Amcrest security cameras and their total cost.

Best pro tips:

Before you go out and buy a security camera with your credit card, consider about what kind of camera user you are. If you prefer plug-and-play simplicity in your technology, there may be better solutions available.

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Amcrest ProHD 4K Dome review